Monthly Archives: July 2011

Lola’s bday!


Thank you Lord for this wonderful day we spent with my dearest lola and lolo! It’s lola Ett’s 86th birthday today and I’m very grateful she’s still with us. I reckon last year we went to Sapul driving my good old avocado car and I brought them pancit palabok sa bilao. Now, it was bi who drove for us there. Jen was also 7 months pregnant with Binggee then and now, I’m the one who’s 28 weeks pregnant. Lola misses her other grandchildren and her two sons who aren’t there with us to celebrate namely; Jep, ate Gzeth, Jen & Raf, Sheanne, ate Boom & kuya Mark, Cha, Clok, Joem, Clik, Clark, Kobe, tita Ruby, tito Dinky, tito Eric and tita Edith. Despite that, lola still felt blissful because their two great grandchildren; Eliniel and Lexi were present. She was also greeted by Jep through phone call. Making the party jubilant also is the celebration of tito Red bday and Binggee’s 10th monthsary. We served lots of food like tomato spaghetti, Alfredo spaghetti, hotdogs, pancit bihon, crema de fruta, birthday cake, lechon kawali, pork hamonado, pizza, Italian flat bread and ice cream in four different flavors. I was so full! Bi and I handed our gifts to lola & I was so happy to see her smile this big “:D”. She had liked the Anlene Gold, 2 Spam ham and 1 Palm corned beef, but what she loved more was the love letter I handed her later. I even saw lola touch it twice. God please grant my prayers always that she and lolo will always be strong even if it means giving up my strength for the two of them. I love my lolo and lola! Tonight, I also gave Lexi a small gift; a little pink Hello Kitty bolster pillow and for Binggee, 25 pieces of diaper. Who could ever resist these two cute cherubs? No matter how tough it is for mama and papa to take care of their first grandson, they never complained because it’s all worth it. By Christmas time, there will be three babies in the family. Baby Trevor truly wants to meet his great grand mom and granddad already.:)

Amazing June!


I didn’t mean to skip posting for the month of June. It’s just that June has been pretty amazing and we’ve been so busy I wasn’t able to find time to open my wordpress. Since I was on my 2nd trimester during this time, we were able to travel to Tagaytay. It was my third time in Tagaytay but it’s definitely my first time to witness the majestic Taal Volcano. We attended Rotary 3820 DITAC with bi and our other fellow Rotarians (Bong, Tere, Jun, Toper, ninong Dante, ninang Tess, Sherwin, tito Romy, Hans, Don) last June 18 and slept over a small hotel. We went to Lipa the next day to visit papa and my siblings there (ate Jessyth, Jepi, Jen & Raf and baby Binggee, as well as mama who is also visiting them). There, we parked bi’s DMAX and headed off to Araneta Coliseum to watch Rain or Shine’s game live with Ian. After all, it was Father’s day and bi will soon become a dad:) We had dinner afterward at Gloria Maris, a sweet treat by Bunik and Ger. A little tour around The Fort, Taguig City later then slumber at Bunik’s place in Rockwell, Makati. Day 3 also was also very exciting! We returned to Lipa to get bi’s pick-up then started our trip to Acuatico, San Juan, Batangas. The place was surreal; Balinese inspired. I couldn’t explain how beautiful it was; like we’re somewhere else but good thing it’s still in Philippines. The place made bi and I realize that our country still has something to brag upon seeing this resort. The white sand, though not the fine sand bi that bi expected, was pleasing to the eyes as well. We took pictures until our cam’s battery went off. Then, we went swimming in the infinity pool and continued to take wacky shots. Exhausted, we took hot showers separately and then grabbed dinner at the buffet. The food was exquisite. Oceania Restaurant served dishes from different places like Chicken Macau, Batangas Caldereta, Grilled Pork Chops, Carbonara, etc. The salad and dessert bars were likewise filled with delectable goodies. They even have “make your own halo-halo” for dessert which bi enjoyed. Dinner at Oceania definitely tickled our taste buds. “We’ll come back here with baby.”, bi said before we leave Acuatico the following day. Day 4 is all about shopping for baby, then for us. We spent more than 10k for baby stuffs at SM Lipa. Take note, we bought only the essentials. I bought a pair of ballet flats, red dress, cute white bag and some toiletries. Bi bought himself Dunham long sleeves for Rotary Induction and for his new work, hopefully. He can’t find anything else that suits him so we dropped by also at Rob Lipa wherein he bought a Fubu tshirt. Bi drove me to papa’s place in Lipa that night because I wanted to sleep with my siblings. He slept in Sta. Teresita afterward since he’ll be picking up mommy in NAIA who will arrive from LA the next day. I enjoyed spending my 4th night with my siblings. I missed them especially my nephew Binggee. He’s so big now! He is pretty tall for his age at 8 months. On the fifth day, I had breakfast with my siblings. I missed mama’s homemade daing na boneless na bangus so I ate plenty. I played with my nephew after breakfast until bi arrived to fetch me. Bi and his hired driver picked up mommy in NAIA and drove back to Sta. Teresita so she can rest from her long trip. I was touched to receive Revlon pressed powder, Godiva chocolates and Coach long wallet from mommy. Bi handed it to me when he picked me up in Lipa. We went to Bunik’s unit to give her mommy’s pasalubongs; shoes, chocolates, bags and wallet. Bi and I then drove to Festival Mall in Alabang to shop for us. I had fun shopping there since there’s plenty of cheap finds. Bi bought 3 GQ tops that are on sale, 2 pairs of Manel’s shoes and some cute stuffs for Mariel. I bought sandals and clutch bag from Manel’s, baby booties from Enfant and a vintage necklace. We had a disappointing merienda at The Old Spaghetti House. The mussels in the seafood alfredo he ordered for me smells bad and bi had eaten one of those which caused his LBM for 5 straight days. Poor bi. That night, we picked up mommy in Sta. Teresita then went to Batangas pier to start our journey back to Mindoro.