Monthly Archives: September 2011

Pleasant Surprise


I was bored last Friday so I kept messaging him to come home right after his regional meeting at Torre Venezia Suites. I tried to control him not to go with his office mates to Mall of Asia where they decided to go shopping. “Bi, it’s MOA’s first day of sale and I just got my salary. Let me buy you something”, he said. I hesitated because I don’t want him spending beyond his means. Then I gave in afterward because I don’t want us to have arguments regarding finances. It would be better if I’ll let him enjoy his pay, go on a shopping spree while its sale for the meantime.

While strolling around MOA, he asked if I want a new watch. Being the stingy person that I am, I simply replied, “Ayoko ng mahal.” At that moment, I knew I’ll be receiving a watch by the time he arrives home. I thought that maybe it would be something quite like the Glee watch he previously bought me; not pricey yet cute. Before he went to MOA, I asked only for two things, 1 for me and 1 for baby: a ceramic straightening & curling iron if its below 1,000php, and an electric baby bottle sterilizer for baby. He was in front of Watson’s when he phoned me to ask about the hair iron. The cheapest was around 1,800php & I couldn’t get myself to spend such amount so I decided not to make him buy the stuff anymore. He didn’t tell me if he bought the watch already so I don’t mind not receiving any pasalubong. I just want him home. It’s been five long days already and I miss him badly. Seeing him home safe and sound is the best pasalubong for me.

I went to mom that night since he’ll be arriving past midnight. I told him to fetch me there when he arrives. I chatted with mama and played with my nephew until we both fell asleep. By 12:30AM, bi called to say he and daddy’s parked outside already waiting for me.

He looked excited upon seeing me and baby; not a hint of exhaustion after a long and tiresome day. When we arrived home, he gave me the stuff he bought in the supermarket for me. Then inside our room, he handed me a green paper bag from Prestige and inside it was a crystal encased dainty Esprit watch which I estimated to be around 4k+. “I told you not to be buy anything expensive.” I blushed while blurting out my reaction. I tried it on and it looked more beautiful on my left arm. “Thank you bi. I really appreciate it.”, I remarked. I was busy scrutinizing my watch when he asked if I want more pasalubong to which I didn’t reply. On that instant, he took a leather encased stuff from his luggage which I instantly thought was another expensive diary. “Wow, is that a diary for me?” I was jubilant because he knows how much I love scribbling and writing, and maybe that’s why he bought me a pricey diary. “Yes, its a diary. Go check it out.”, he grinned in between his reply. So I took it and opened its leather casing. I was in total awe when I finally saw what’s inside. It wasn’t just a diary but an electronic diary/book/cellphone etc. It was a chic Samsung Galaxy tablet!

Again I replied, “Sabi ko naman ayaw ko ng mamahalin eh.” Silly me. I was touched. How could I not have any clue that all these times that I’ve been quite emotional, he’s been thinking about things/ways to cheer me up. I realized he’s been planning this all along. “This way you won’t need to buy an iPod, new cellphone or netbook anymore.”, bi said. And I do love it bi, thank you very much. To show my appreciation even in this simple way, I snapped a picture of my loving husband; the very first photo in my new tablet:)