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I love you lolo


I’ve thought about making a tribute entry about my beloved lolo couple of weeks ago but I hesitated. Why should I write one when he’s still with us? I hoped and prayed that he remains strong, but as the days passed by, he only grew weaker. Mama, bi & I paid him a visit last March 11 and saw how weak he had become. Sitting on his reliable rocking chair is my frail and thin lolo Panching. I reached for his long, bony fingers and placed it on my forehead (nagmanoako), so did mama and Tope. I kissed lolo on his cheeks, he smelled clean like always, and then he flashed his sweetest smiled as gratitude. I asked how he was feeling but he can no longer speak. I knew in my heart he’s just waiting for the inevitable. It pains me seeing him like that. But I know it would hurt me more not seeing him anymore. Still I chatted with lolo, told him to eat more so that he will be strong again. Then lola sat beside us and showed lolo the things we brought: adult diapers, Cobra energy drink, cookies, and Lysol which was requested by tita to keep lolo’s surroundings germ-free. Lola stacked the cookies in lolo’s cookie box container and then mama opened one for lolo to eat. Lolo smiled again and went on to chew the small chocolate cookie.

I remember his last days. He was quiet; spending most of his time sitting on his rocking chair pondering perhaps on his family, the simple yet good life he will leave behind. Lolo was filled with love. We may not be always beside him but I know he can feel how much we love him. To be continued…

To Bohol she goes


I was busy scan reading my friends’ updates in facebook when I saw a scanned photocopy of a job hiring ad the other week. The content reads the company needs an accountant, loan officer, and several bank tellers for the First Consolidated Bank branch here in Calapan. The bank’s name rang a bell. Then I reckon that before I gave birth to Evo last October, Tope took me to Hotel Mayi for a business meeting with Lorenz, their would be tenant at Alberto’s building. Lorenz is connected with FCB and he wanted to establish a marketing office in the heart of the city. Luckily, he chose the pricey office space in the building of hubby’s family. Short description, FCB is a fast-growing bank from the island of Bohol now taking big steps to penetrate the north’s banking industry. Their entry in my humble province would mean not only new bank to invest money in, but more job opportunities for my fellow Calapenos as well.

Knowing their office is just in front of Tope’s house, I encouraged my unemployed sister, ate Gzeth, to try applying in any of those vacant positions posted. I edited her resume and application letter then emailed it to her gmail account so that she can send it right away to Lorenz. We didn’t have to wait long for him to respond. The next day, ate received a reply from Lorenz asking her to email her transcript of records for reference. She went to my office again that week to scan and email her TOR. He replied quickly after presumably checking her records. He said she has to report to his office on Saturday at 1PM to take written exams. She got nervous at first but then shrugged it off. After all, weeks of reviewing for Civil Service Professional exam made her quite prepared. I promised to accompany her to FCB’s office that Saturday so I can introduce myself and her also, hoping that I can somehow leave an impression on Lorenz being their landlord’s wife. I think it helped. A subtle eyeshadow and cheek tint did the trick too! She looked presentable, more like a professional banker along with her good choice of semi-corporate dress. Ate and her high school classmate Joanne was graciously accommodated. We hoped, fingers crossed, that she passes the exam and initial interview.

Soon after her exam, she chatted with me about the job. If she gets hired, she’ll be staying in Tagbilaran, Bohol for the next 6-8 months for training and bank internship. That’s almost a year without seeing her, but I know we have to be strong for her career to prosper. I was kinda expecting already that she’d make it, and she did. The following week she was called for an interview and the outcome was overwhelming. She got the job. Over the weekend she’ll be flying to Bohol, all expense paid. It came too soon than expected. She had mixed emotions like I. She was happy for getting the job, but also sad because she’ll be leaving behind mama, and her nephews. Eight months, that’s too long. A lot of things could happen in a span of eight months. She might be busy now preparing her employment requirement but that can’t conceal her sadness slowly building up inside her. She feels homesick already while I am missing her already. To perk up ate, we jokingly ask her for bizarre pasalubongs like a real tarsier (a tarsier might kill itself already once captured) or like bi’s request, “bring home infamous Prunee.” Ate had no idea who the heck is Prunee so the thought of going to Bohol to see these for herself sort of excites her.

With mama and Binggee, they paid lolo a visit last night. Ate Gzeth badly want to see lolo as she’ll be leaving for Bohol this Saturday. Ate Gzeth is also lolo’s favorite apo and I know it pains her too seeing lolo growing weaker each day. I hope and pray lolo regains his strength so that when ate Gzeth returns, lolo is still here with lola Ett and the whole family.

I’ll miss you ate. I know Evo and Binggee will miss you too. Today is your last day here in Calapan for tomorrow you’re off to NAIA already. I will leave office early just for you so we can have quality sisters’ bonding time. Thank you for being loving, and patient with Evo and Binggee. You be good over there!

Atty. Tomtom, I salute thee!


Last February 29, 2012, the 2011 Bar Exam Result was revealed to the public. I was tagged by my cousin Jestine in a photo showing that our good cousin kuya Tomtom passed. I instantly rejoiced and congratulated him as well as the whole Perez family for his amazing feat. He passed with just one take after all. In the past years, bar exam hopefuls usually wait til March for the results, but this year the results came out earlier thanks to the revised exam method (40% Multiple choice & 60% Essay).

Kuya Tomtom is an admirable person. He graduated as class valedictorian during his elementary and high school years. In addition, he is also diligent and studious. I didn’t doubt that he’ll pass the bar exams. While looking at his name in my laptop lcd (1419. Perez, Richard V.), I remembered him telling me this some three years ago, “Ate Joanne, graduating ka na pala ng Pol Sci. Mag-law ka na. Sayang ang panahon. I can give you my books.” We were at Shakey’s Lipa for Wacky’s first birthday then and papa sought some paralegal advice from him for the case involving our acquired commercial land in Mindoro. I simply replied that I’d love to but we don’t have the money to finance my studies yet. He smiled then told me that I should not lose hope. I reckon he would gladly volunteer driving for us (Napi, Jestine, Anine & I) in the mall whenever I pay them a visit in San Jose despite his demanding studies so that, we, cousins could have a bonding time.

If there is one word best suited to describe kuya Tomtom, it is humble. He keeps himself grounded no matter what achievements he’s made in the past and even up to now. He always makes it a point to pray, return to his family, be grateful, and share whatever blessings that come his way. A good person does get rewarded for good deeds. To Atty. Richard V. Perez, kudos to your achievement kuya! Thank you for inspiring me to take up law studies as well. I know tito is very proud of you up there!:)