Let’s do this:)


I got a call from ate Joy a minute ago, and she asked if I’m still up for, you know, pursuing what I once dreamt of becoming. I cited reasons like financial constraints, and time as to why I haven’t signed up yet but before I ended our conversation, I disclosed how interested I still am. 

I set June 11 as our tentative date. No pad, no other plans. What should I take with me? All I can bring is a blank check which I will present upon payment of the necessary fees. I’m excited but full of apprehensions at the same time. I am just happy my incredibly smart cousin, ate Joy, will be my classmate too. 

I am currently playing the role of an employee, a wife, and most importantly, a mother. I suppose I am not yet busy enough so I can still include the role of being a student once more. MBA is not enough. I never should have taken it up in the first place. I still regret how much of a waste I’ve done. It’s not too late. I can still do this. I have to do this for my Evo, for my family, and for myself. I always feel minuscule next to my husband but no more once I finished this appalling yet inexplicably force-drawing degree/profession that I have always wanted. God help me.

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