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Farewell nanay Carmen


My beautiful nanay, mother of papa, passed away Friday last week at the age of 79, three days short of her 62nd elopement anniversary with mamay. Now, she suffers no more. She was only 73 when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and had suffered from then on. She was in poor health in the last days of her life having been confined in Mediatrix Lipa. Earlier this year, nanay had suffered from mild stroke. This led to her other complications. Her lungs had failed from pneumonia, and then she can no longer eat which made her even weaker. In order to sustain her life, my aunts, uncles and cousins all contributed for nanay’s medical needs. Tubes were first fitted into her nostrils so that she can have food intakes. The last time I saw her was last year on Tope’s 25th birthday when we paid her and mamay a visit. She was thin, lying on her bed with her nannies, and murmurs few words like a baby. She can no longer remember anyone of us.

When I mama broke the news, I felt sad because I had lost another grandparent this year, my lolo Panching just last March, same date with nanay Carmen which was also 22. I was sad because will miss nanay. I thought about the time when nanay used to take care of me, ate Gzeth & Jen because my parents had moved back in Mindoro on 1996. I remembered the days that before I leave for Montesorri, nanay would prepare our sumptuous meals with the help of our yaya Alma/Eva. When I had been ill from german measles, nanay accompanied me to the pediatrician and took care of me. Looking back, I felt grateful again for the love nanay had poured unto us.

Bracing ourselves for the unruly tides, Stephen, mama, and I took the last Supercat trip to Batangas. I just had to see nanay on her final night. Looking at nanay peacefully resting inside her elegant, dark, narra, coffin, I was awestruck. She was so beautiful, had looked like 15 years younger, and mestiza as ever. Her cheeks were plump and rosy, her grey hair now as black as ebony, the way it used to be before her Alzheimer’s took her memory; and her thin yet lovely lips arched in a delightful smile. She looked so happy and so much at peace now; free from the sufferings her body had endured in the last days of her life. She was the beautiful nanay Carmen who traveled in the United States with mamay, and had returned because they badly missed their family. She had cried when her father, and mother whom I met twice years ago died of old age. She had attended my first holy communion, scolded me when I said that the wine that symbolized as the blood of Christ tastes bad, taught me how to pray with the rosary, eat hawot, large beans, and sayote grown by mamay from our backyard, took me to the cathedral and tuklong  to pray fervently, and taught about pamamalengke at the age of 7. Her good-natured self once made her and mamay a “Huwarang Senior Citizen Awardee of 2002.”

She was a God-fearing, kind, and lovely mestiza barrio lass of Aya, San Jose, Batangas who had captured the hearts of numerous lads including the grandfather of my old friend who now lives somewhere in the west coast. On her grave, mamay repeatedly thanked her for the love, care, children and memories she had shared with him. She had chosen mamay from among her suitors, and loved him, and their brood endlessly. And we love you too our dear nanay Carmen Andal-Perez. 

Underground river, check!


I still feel like we just left Palawan yesterday. What is left with us are just memories. No words could describe Palawan’s nature. Watching tortoises swim in the crystal green water near our boat going to Underground river was definitely breathtaking. I want to come back there, and when that time comes, bi & I will be taking our little Evo with us. 

This I promise you


When I first laid eyes on you way back in high school, I thought to myself, “Ang yabang naman nitong taong ‘to.” Masyado ka kasing popular, maingay, masayahin at maporma. Truth is, parang artista ka sa JJ noon. It never occurred to me that we’ll ever get to know each other. We were different in many ways kasi friendly ka, loner ako, confident ka, coy ako. Nilalampasan lang natin noon ang isa’t isa at kailanman hindi mo ako nakita.

Six years later, college na tayo pareho when our paths finally crossed. You just saw me on TV then yun na, ginulat mo na ako kasi you tried to find a way to get introduced to me. Magpapakilala ka pa lang noon sakin, binara na kita by saying, “Oo, kilala kita. Ikaw yung mayabang noong high school.” It stunned you but that didn’t stop you from making friends with someone like me. From that day onwards, you never made me feel sad or left-out. You embraced my weaknesses and my strengths, and showered me with a love I’ve never felt before. You introduced me to your loving tropa, your kind parents, kay Bunik, kina Negro dog, Whitey at later sa anak nilang sina Juni. Tinuruan mo ako magbowling, mag-bilyar, pumili ng damit na hindi jologs, makipagbonding sa iba at kung anu-ano pa. Ikaw lang naman yung nagpakilala sakin, pero ang dami ng bonus. It made me cry the day you sheepishly admitted how much you have fallen in love with me. Hindi na ako loner kasi dumating ka sa buhay ko.

Looking back, I can’t help but smile; kasi yung lalaki palang sinasabing kong mayabang, sya pala yung lalaking mamahalin ko ng sobra-sobra. Sya pala yung magiging very best friend, kumare, cheerleader at defender ko. Yung mayabang na lalaki palang yun noon, sya na pala ang magiging pinaka-gwapong lalaki na nakilala ko. Almost 4 years later, ikaw na pala ang lalaki na magiging great half ko. Til now I keep asking myself, papano kung hindi ka kaya nakapanood ng newsline noon, magkakakilala pa rin kaya tayo? It was in God’s grace that our fates brought us together. It was truly magical.

Our love, it was one of a kind. It had surpassed a lot of trials. Kahit lagi tayo tumatakas noon kasi magagalit sina mama at papa satin, hindi pa rin tayo nagpaawat. Nalampasan na natin ang drama na yun, and I’m thankful na dumating satin ang stage na yun, kasi it helped us a lot. Kasi it made our relationship stronger. Kung yun nga nalampasan natin, how much more pa ang ibang pagsubok na darating satin di ba? In this celebration of our holy matrimony, we are not only sealing our love and union before God; God is here with us to remind us also that He blessed us with our wonderful families and friends who will constantly remind us that we should remain true to our vows that we will always be faithful and loving with each other.

Tope, I am so happy because although I didn’t ask for love, God gave me someone so special, someone I would gladly give my hopes, dreams and whole life for. I know I am truly blessed because God gave me YOU. Tope, I will always be here for you and for our child. I’m yours ‘til the day we breathe our last breath. I love you baby, in its deepest, purest sense. 

— This vow is somewhat a synthesized account of my hubby and I’s love story; how it blossomed, and the obstacles it surpassed. During our wedding ceremony, I can’t help but cry while telling him these words. The contents of our vows were our delightful surprise to each other that day.

Palawan, here we come!


Two more days to go, and we’ll already be there in Palawan. I’m pretty excited on bi & I’s upcoming first wedding post-anniversary celebration together. Better late than never. We’ll definitely be like young honeymooners even though our purpose is more of relaxation, and traveling together actually.What I did today in preparation for our trip was read blogs about random people who had already experienced cruising in the famed Underground river. I can’t help but get dumbstruck looking at the crystal green waters in their pictures. If I’m already amazed simply by looking at the river’s pictures, how much more if I’m seeing the whole place up close?

It will take us approximately 3 long drive hours going to Sabang beach from Pto. Princesa city proper. From there, we’ll take a 15-minute boat ride going to the Subterranean river. It is advisable to wear light clothes like swimming shorts, plain t-shirts, and slippers if bi and I would like to take a dip in the nearby white sand beach afterwards. I better slather more sunblock. I am now thinking of investing in a pricey SPF120 sunscreen just to protect my naturally pale, not rosy white, skin tone. This will be my first time in three years to expose myself under the sun for hours. I have issues regarding prolonged sun exposure especially without umbrella because some years ago when I still love playing under the sun for hours, I compared myself to others, and got stunned with such an alarming result. Well, unlike others I didn’t get the glorious, matte-tanned summer complexion, instead, I became heavily oiled and bronzed all over! But I don’t want to compromise our tour so I’m gonna step out of the sun, and have fun with him. I have a feeling that it’s gonna be all worth it:)

Bi and I also bought a bikini recently for this particular trip. I’m kinda hoping I could have guts to try it on, and maybe capture some nice shots wearing it (with a decent cover-up of course) with the lush green tropical trees and pristine waters as my background. Bi won’t allow me to wear it without cover up by the way. What more can I say? I am just so excited. Before we go there we’ll be watching a PBA game live too with bi’s boys. I am rooting for Rain or Shine to win over Ginebra Kings, and seeing them win will definitely bring good vibes to me, and bi.

Yes, I’m a news caster


Yes, I'm a news caster

I mentioned in my previous posts that I am a local tv newscaster, and I really am. I have been news casting for the past 6 years which I simply love doing. I’m very passionate about this craft yet I threw away my chances to bring myself to a higher level (news casting nationwide/worldwide) when I gave up my stint at UNTV, and another opportunity at ABS-CBN10.