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Mommy/housewife mode


For more than two weeks now that I have been unemployed, I did nothing but tended to my baby Evo and husband dear. The first week went by a bit easy since Evo’s nanny Kimberly helps me take care of Evo. I was able to cook lunch and dinner for bi that time. His menu last week includes spaghetti, pork caldereta, pork giniling, beef steak, chicken macaroni soup, and pork in mushroom and oyster sauce. I stopped cooking when Evo’s nanny left again to take care of his father currently confined in the hospital. I kinda doubt that. We told her to return by Monday, July 23 since it is my first day of work at the City Information Office. Unfortunately, she ditched us again. We tried calling her but to no avail. She doesn’t even answer our calls. My career in CIO was compromised because of what she did. I cannot leave my son unattended so I have no other choice but to stay home and take care of Evo. I just texted ate Marvie that I am hoping to start working by August 1 as soon as we find a new nanny for Evo. It’s July 31 now but still there’s no sign of Kimberly nor new nanny applicant. Sigh…

Staying at home made me realize that I too have been losing some of my stuffs too. I lost my sunnies, Lee jeans, couple of walking shorts, nightie shirts, and Bench panties. I told bi about it and found out that mommy lost plenty of valuable items as well. She lost her ring, watch, some cash, new top, digicam, plenty more. This is really bad. 

I passed!


Talk about first time luck:P Thank you Lord! It feels so good that I passed the civil service professional exam. Now I can enter in government service. Guys if you took the CSC-PPT exam last May 27, 2012, results are out now. Just click this link if you are from Region 4. Results of other regions are already posted as well. I hope you guys made it too. Good luck to all of us!

I just saw the results today here in office because a fellow facebook friend posted that he had passed. I tried looking for CSC-PPT exam 2012 results online until I saw the link I posted above. Nervous, I slowly scrolled down the surnames beginning in A for fear that I might cry if I didn’t see mine posted. Then, all of a sudden, I just shrieked. #51 Alberto, Joanne Catherina P. I passed! I couldn’t help but smile and be thankful. When I finished my test paper last May 27, I left the testing room with a heavy heart. I don’t have expectations about passing since it was really a difficult exam. I headed straight home from JJ, told bi how tough the exam was, kissed Evo, and then went to sleep since my neck ached badly after 3 long hours of shading ovals with my head bowed down. I had troubles with the Algebra part, and English was really a handful. Now I know why there are other UP graduates who flunked the exam according to bi. Gah. All I wanted to do was forget about it. A week after exam, I immersed myself in bi & I’s post-anniversary vacation in Palawan, and it helped me forget. I felt so bad thinking all along I did not make it that I decided not to talk about it until today. 

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers. Without You I could not have made it on my first attempt. Thank for pushing me to take chances, to finally take that exam. I just posted a blog a while ago about my resignation from a private firm that I worked with for nearly 4 years, and one of the reasons I deferred plans of taking CSC-Professional exams before. I feel better now knowing that when I return for work, I can finally enter in government service. I now have the option to choose applying in a government agency nearer home for my son Evo. Thanks bi for constantly telling me the importance of taking CSC-Prof for government service opportunity. Thank you also ate Gzeth, and Mark for the CSC reviewers. I can try my luck now in the Municipal Trial Court. 

One bold move


One more day to go before I leave Ormin Power Inc., the company I have served for almost four years. I know I am taking a brave move doing this. I am not sure what good I may get from this aside from finally being able to stay with my baby Evo for the mean time.

I used to think I have the best job. I have witnessed Ormin Power Inc. molded out from its humble beginnings and nothing is more rewarding than being part of something big right now. I knew I had to move in the plant site soon. However, I was caught off guard with the accompanying changes that instantly occurred upon the start of the diesel plant’s operation. Sudden shift in my work environment primarily the distant plant site which forbids us to go home during lunch breaks, smoke-filled air caused by the engines and neighboring generators, extreme heat, and disturbing bomb-like noises filled my days at work. Despite these health hazard factors, I still gave it a try for three months until circumstances beyond my control made me realize I can no longer continue. With Evo being left with daddy back home because his nanny took AWOL after getting her 2-month cash advance, I knew that I had to resign immediately. So last June, after thinking long and hard and consulting bi for my final decision, I made a bold move – resigned. I notified JYY last June 21, and he replied that we should talk about it first. Just last Thursday we talked about it. He listened in my sentiments and reasons for leaving. I was somehow touched when JYY said that I am an asset, and it would be difficult for them letting me go. He tried to offer solutions but admitted that career growth is something OPI cannot give at the moment. I was assured though that in case they will have a job opportunity that may merit my qualifications, they will give me a call. With that we had an agreement. 

I have no comment when it comes to my office mates. I am very happy with them. They are all kind, and we work here as a team. Had our office been situated in a place nearer home, I would have stayed regardless if my career growth. My immediate supervisors are both kind, and supportive unlike bi’s; they are simply miles apart. I already miss my office mates. I know I will still be leaving with a heavy heart but my reason to leave has greater depth than  to stay. This is one scary move, leaving the work I have greatly familiarized myself with, and maybe starting back from scratches the moment I decided to apply for work again. Bu who knows? I gave up bigger opportunities already like UNTV and TV10 networks, this time I just need to compose myself again. 

What I should think about now is that soon I will be spending more time with my baby and my hubby already.

Fury over hubby’s boss


What kind of supervisor would send his/her employee to an NPA-besieged area for a worthless task beyond his/her job description? You are supposed to protect the life of your workers, not endanger them! You’re also married right? What would you do if your spouse’s boss ordered him/her go to a war zone to look for a missing shoelace? Would you let your spouse go there knowing how foolish that task is, and that he/she might never return alive? Do you even know the word empathy? I guess not because you wouldn’t even consider sending any of your employees in that horrible place if you know that word.

For months I have endured the ordeal you had put my husband through. You acerbically cut down his monthly travel reimbursements, assigned him to far-flung areas especially during the time that I just gave birth, deliberately denied him his per diem, made him work beyond office hours without OT pay, punished co-workers akin to him, and consistently oppressed him at any given chance. I lost count of the times my husband had arrived home late at night exhausted after driving a hundred kilometers back and forth from his area or famished after leaving office past 9PM. I can no longer remember how many times I consoled my husband from depression after receiving his monthly TEV that you had decreased unjustly. And this doesn’t end there. Couple months ago, he was stricken with chronic pneumonia, and was scheduled for infirmary confinement. He declined hospital admission orders so his doctors just advised him to rest at home for two weeks. Instead of granting him ample time to recuperate, you gave him orders to travel to Roxas for field work. I argued with him not to leave but to no avail. Despite his illness, he still left me and Evo for fear of being reprimanded of inaction to your orders. To sum up, my husband is overworked yet underpaid; overqualified but belittled; intelligent but silenced (for you call his witty, and systematic suggestions nothing but “epal”); helpful but abused (he always offers driving for her using his own DMAX pick-up whether paid or not); and most of all, he is output-based yet disregarded. The only flaw I see in him is being tardy at times yet he compensates it for working extra hours UNPAID even until dawn or during weekends just to accomplish his tasks.

Why are you punishing him for being honest, systematic and straightforward? Did it badly hurt your ego when he wrote in his report the mistakes he had observed in your past activities? Did he smudge your reputation when he vented out his feelings to a sympathetic supervisor? You are a team leader for chrissake why can’t you be open to suggestions? You are not being bypassed like what you always complain about your employees. Please stop being a slave driver. Stop driving me and my husband insane! It’s no secret that your priority is work over family, but please NEVER force your employees to emulate you. They have their own family and a happy life waiting for them beyond the four corners of your office and after the mandated regular working hours.

My husband told me not to post anything about his supervisor for it might jeopardize his work. I don’t care anymore. I have been quiet and patient, but she’s getting worse and now, I have to intervene. When he told me yesterday that his boss instructed him to go to Lisap, Bongabong, a mountainous area notoriously populated by rebels/NPA, I almost fainted. An affluent-looking civilian going in rebels’ territory is suicide! I couldn’t bear the thought of him getting mobbed, kidnapped, hurt, or worse, killed. I will not allow her insane order to validate a petty hunch about a double entry beneficiary endanger my husband’s life. I’ve had enough of her nonsense and coercive actions with my husband. I must act now. Writing this is the first step; composing myself to confront her soon is next. I must add, I am now finding ways to report her directly to the head office.