Mommy/housewife mode


For more than two weeks now that I have been unemployed, I did nothing but tended to my baby Evo and husband dear. The first week went by a bit easy since Evo’s nanny Kimberly helps me take care of Evo. I was able to cook lunch and dinner for bi that time. His menu last week includes spaghetti, pork caldereta, pork giniling, beef steak, chicken macaroni soup, and pork in mushroom and oyster sauce. I stopped cooking when Evo’s nanny left again to take care of his father currently confined in the hospital. I kinda doubt that. We told her to return by Monday, July 23 since it is my first day of work at the City Information Office. Unfortunately, she ditched us again. We tried calling her but to no avail. She doesn’t even answer our calls. My career in CIO was compromised because of what she did. I cannot leave my son unattended so I have no other choice but to stay home and take care of Evo. I just texted ate Marvie that I am hoping to start working by August 1 as soon as we find a new nanny for Evo. It’s July 31 now but still there’s no sign of Kimberly nor new nanny applicant. Sigh…

Staying at home made me realize that I too have been losing some of my stuffs too. I lost my sunnies, Lee jeans, couple of walking shorts, nightie shirts, and Bench panties. I told bi about it and found out that mommy lost plenty of valuable items as well. She lost her ring, watch, some cash, new top, digicam, plenty more. This is really bad. 

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