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One bold move


One more day to go before I leave Ormin Power Inc., the company I have served for almost four years. I know I am taking a brave move doing this. I am not sure what good I may get from this aside from finally being able to stay with my baby Evo for the mean time.

I used to think I have the best job. I have witnessed Ormin Power Inc. molded out from its humble beginnings and nothing is more rewarding than being part of something big right now. I knew I had to move in the plant site soon. However, I was caught off guard with the accompanying changes that instantly occurred upon the start of the diesel plant’s operation. Sudden shift in my work environment primarily the distant plant site which forbids us to go home during lunch breaks, smoke-filled air caused by the engines and neighboring generators, extreme heat, and disturbing bomb-like noises filled my days at work. Despite these health hazard factors, I still gave it a try for three months until circumstances beyond my control made me realize I can no longer continue. With Evo being left with daddy back home because his nanny took AWOL after getting her 2-month cash advance, I knew that I had to resign immediately. So last June, after thinking long and hard and consulting bi for my final decision, I made a bold move – resigned. I notified JYY last June 21, and he replied that we should talk about it first. Just last Thursday we talked about it. He listened in my sentiments and reasons for leaving. I was somehow touched when JYY said that I am an asset, and it would be difficult for them letting me go. He tried to offer solutions but admitted that career growth is something OPI cannot give at the moment. I was assured though that in case they will have a job opportunity that may merit my qualifications, they will give me a call. With that we had an agreement. 

I have no comment when it comes to my office mates. I am very happy with them. They are all kind, and we work here as a team. Had our office been situated in a place nearer home, I would have stayed regardless if my career growth. My immediate supervisors are both kind, and supportive unlike bi’s; they are simply miles apart. I already miss my office mates. I know I will still be leaving with a heavy heart but my reason to leave has greater depth than  to stay. This is one scary move, leaving the work I have greatly familiarized myself with, and maybe starting back from scratches the moment I decided to apply for work again. Bu who knows? I gave up bigger opportunities already like UNTV and TV10 networks, this time I just need to compose myself again. 

What I should think about now is that soon I will be spending more time with my baby and my hubby already.

Yes, I’m a news caster


Yes, I'm a news caster

I mentioned in my previous posts that I am a local tv newscaster, and I really am. I have been news casting for the past 6 years which I simply love doing. I’m very passionate about this craft yet I threw away my chances to bring myself to a higher level (news casting nationwide/worldwide) when I gave up my stint at UNTV, and another opportunity at ABS-CBN10.