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Fury over hubby’s boss


What kind of supervisor would send his/her employee to an NPA-besieged area for a worthless task beyond his/her job description? You are supposed to protect the life of your workers, not endanger them! You’re also married right? What would you do if your spouse’s boss ordered him/her go to a war zone to look for a missing shoelace? Would you let your spouse go there knowing how foolish that task is, and that he/she might never return alive? Do you even know the word empathy? I guess not because you wouldn’t even consider sending any of your employees in that horrible place if you know that word.

For months I have endured the ordeal you had put my husband through. You acerbically cut down his monthly travel reimbursements, assigned him to far-flung areas especially during the time that I just gave birth, deliberately denied him his per diem, made him work beyond office hours without OT pay, punished co-workers akin to him, and consistently oppressed him at any given chance. I lost count of the times my husband had arrived home late at night exhausted after driving a hundred kilometers back and forth from his area or famished after leaving office past 9PM. I can no longer remember how many times I consoled my husband from depression after receiving his monthly TEV that you had decreased unjustly. And this doesn’t end there. Couple months ago, he was stricken with chronic pneumonia, and was scheduled for infirmary confinement. He declined hospital admission orders so his doctors just advised him to rest at home for two weeks. Instead of granting him ample time to recuperate, you gave him orders to travel to Roxas for field work. I argued with him not to leave but to no avail. Despite his illness, he still left me and Evo for fear of being reprimanded of inaction to your orders. To sum up, my husband is overworked yet underpaid; overqualified but belittled; intelligent but silenced (for you call his witty, and systematic suggestions nothing but “epal”); helpful but abused (he always offers driving for her using his own DMAX pick-up whether paid or not); and most of all, he is output-based yet disregarded. The only flaw I see in him is being tardy at times yet he compensates it for working extra hours UNPAID even until dawn or during weekends just to accomplish his tasks.

Why are you punishing him for being honest, systematic and straightforward? Did it badly hurt your ego when he wrote in his report the mistakes he had observed in your past activities? Did he smudge your reputation when he vented out his feelings to a sympathetic supervisor? You are a team leader for chrissake why can’t you be open to suggestions? You are not being bypassed like what you always complain about your employees. Please stop being a slave driver. Stop driving me and my husband insane! It’s no secret that your priority is work over family, but please NEVER force your employees to emulate you. They have their own family and a happy life waiting for them beyond the four corners of your office and after the mandated regular working hours.

My husband told me not to post anything about his supervisor for it might jeopardize his work. I don’t care anymore. I have been quiet and patient, but she’s getting worse and now, I have to intervene. When he told me yesterday that his boss instructed him to go to Lisap, Bongabong, a mountainous area notoriously populated by rebels/NPA, I almost fainted. An affluent-looking civilian going in rebels’ territory is suicide! I couldn’t bear the thought of him getting mobbed, kidnapped, hurt, or worse, killed. I will not allow her insane order to validate a petty hunch about a double entry beneficiary endanger my husband’s life. I’ve had enough of her nonsense and coercive actions with my husband. I must act now. Writing this is the first step; composing myself to confront her soon is next. I must add, I am now finding ways to report her directly to the head office.