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I passed!


Talk about first time luck:P Thank you Lord! It feels so good that I passed the civil service professional exam. Now I can enter in government service. Guys if you took the CSC-PPT exam last May 27, 2012, results are out now. Just click this link if you are from Region 4. Results of other regions are already posted as well. I hope you guys made it too. Good luck to all of us! http://philboardresults.blogspot.com/2012/06/region-iv-civil-service-exam-results.html

I just saw the results today here in office because a fellow facebook friend posted that he had passed. I tried looking for CSC-PPT exam 2012 results online until I saw the link I posted above. Nervous, I slowly scrolled down the surnames beginning in A for fear that I might cry if I didn’t see mine posted. Then, all of a sudden, I just shrieked. #51 Alberto, Joanne Catherina P. I passed! I couldn’t help but smile and be thankful. When I finished my test paper last May 27, I left the testing room with a heavy heart. I don’t have expectations about passing since it was really a difficult exam. I headed straight home from JJ, told bi how tough the exam was, kissed Evo, and then went to sleep since my neck ached badly after 3 long hours of shading ovals with my head bowed down. I had troubles with the Algebra part, and English was really a handful. Now I know why there are other UP graduates who flunked the exam according to bi. Gah. All I wanted to do was forget about it. A week after exam, I immersed myself in bi & I’s post-anniversary vacation in Palawan, and it helped me forget. I felt so bad thinking all along I did not make it that I decided not to talk about it until today. 

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers. Without You I could not have made it on my first attempt. Thank for pushing me to take chances, to finally take that exam. I just posted a blog a while ago about my resignation from a private firm that I worked with for nearly 4 years, and one of the reasons I deferred plans of taking CSC-Professional exams before. I feel better now knowing that when I return for work, I can finally enter in government service. I now have the option to choose applying in a government agency nearer home for my son Evo. Thanks bi for constantly telling me the importance of taking CSC-Prof for government service opportunity. Thank you also ate Gzeth, and Mark for the CSC reviewers. I can try my luck now in the Municipal Trial Court.