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Palawan, here we come!


Two more days to go, and we’ll already be there in Palawan. I’m pretty excited on bi & I’s upcoming first wedding post-anniversary celebration together. Better late than never. We’ll definitely be like young honeymooners even though our purpose is more of relaxation, and traveling together actually.What I did today in preparation for our trip was read blogs about random people who had already experienced cruising in the famed Underground river. I can’t help but get dumbstruck looking at the crystal green waters in their pictures. If I’m already amazed simply by looking at the river’s pictures, how much more if I’m seeing the whole place up close?

It will take us approximately 3 long drive hours going to Sabang beach from Pto. Princesa city proper. From there, we’ll take a 15-minute boat ride going to the¬†Subterranean¬†river. It is advisable to wear light clothes like swimming shorts, plain t-shirts, and slippers if bi and I would like to take a dip in the nearby white sand beach afterwards. I better slather more sunblock. I am now thinking of investing in a pricey SPF120 sunscreen just to protect my naturally pale, not rosy white, skin tone. This will be my first time in three years to expose myself under the sun for hours. I have issues regarding prolonged sun exposure especially without umbrella because some years ago when I still love playing under the sun for hours, I compared myself to others, and got stunned with such an alarming result. Well, unlike others I didn’t get the glorious, matte-tanned summer complexion, instead, I became heavily oiled and bronzed all over! But I don’t want to compromise our tour so I’m gonna step out of the sun, and have fun with him. I have a feeling that it’s gonna be all worth it:)

Bi and I also bought a bikini recently for this particular trip. I’m kinda hoping I could have guts to try it on, and maybe capture some nice shots wearing it (with a decent cover-up of course) with the lush green tropical trees and pristine waters as my background. Bi won’t allow me to wear it without cover up by the way. What more can I say? I am just so excited. Before we go there we’ll be watching a PBA game live too with bi’s boys. I am rooting for Rain or Shine to win over Ginebra Kings, and seeing them win will definitely bring good vibes to me, and bi.